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"Drain Cloggers"

Planting trees and shrubs near pipelines can become an expensive exercise at a later stage, if the plants chosen have a strong moisture searching root system. The fine roots will penetrate any cracks in the pipes, eventually blocking thepipe.  The bigger roots may actually dislodge pipes causing breakages and leaks.


The following list of Australian native plants have proven to be SAFE growing near underground pipes

Acacia myrtifolia  Myrtle wattle
Bauera rubioides  Dog rose 'Ruby Glow'
Bauera sessilifolia  Showy Baurea
Boronia denticulata
Boronia heterophylla  Red Boronia
Boronia pinnata  Pinnate Boronia
Bracteantha bracteata  Golden everlasting
Chrysocephalum baxteri  White everlasting
Chrysocephalum apiculatum
Chorizema cordatum  Heartleafed flame pea
Correa alba    White Correa
Correa baeuerlenii    Chefs cap Correa
Correa decumbens
Correa glabra    Rock Correa
Correa 'Mannii'    'Mannii'
Correa pulchella
Correa reflexa    Common Correa
Correa schlechtendalii
Crowea exalata    Small Crowea
Crowea saligna
Dampiera diversifolia
Epacris impressa    Common heath
Epacris longiflora    Fuchsia heath
Epacris microphylla    Coral heath
Philotheca myoporoides     Wax flower  syn. Eriostemon myoporoides
Grevillea buxifolia    Grey spider plant
Grevillea lanigera    Woolly Grevillea   
Grevillea sericea    Pink spider flower
Grevillea speciosa    Red spider flower
Grevillea baueri    
Grevillea diffusaHovea lanceolata
Hovea elliptica    Tree Hovea
Myoporum parvifolium    Creeping boobialla
Prostanthera denticulata
Prostanthera incana    Velvet mint bush
Prostanthera melissifolia    Balm mint bush
Prostanthera ovalifolia    Purple mint bush
Prostanthera rotundifolia Round leaf mint bush
Scaevola aemula    'Purple Fanfare'
Stypandra glauca    Nodding blue lily
Westringia glabra    Violet Westringia


The Australian native plants listed below all have a water searching root problem and can block drains. These plants should not be planted closer than 3.5 metres to sewerage pipes and other drainage pipes.

Acacia saligna    Golden wreath wattle
Acacia terminalis        Sunshine wattle
Agonis flexuosa    Willow myrtle
Allocasuarina stricta    Drooping she oak
Allocasuarina    torulosa    Forest oak
Angophora costata    Smooth barked apple gum
Angophora hispida    Dwarf apple
Brachychiton    acerifolius    Flame tree
Brachychiton discolor    White kurrajong
Brachychiton    populneus    Kurrajong
Casuarina cunninghamiana    River she oak
Casuarina glauca    Swamp oak
Eucalyptus cinerea    Argyle apple
Eucalyptus citriodora    Lemon scented gum
Eucalyptus maculata    Spotted gum
Ficus all species    Figs
Grevillea robusta    Silky oak
Hymenosporum flavum    Native frangipani
Lophostemon    confertus    Brush box
Melaleuca armillaris    Bracelet honey myrtle
Melaleuca linariifolia    Snow-in-summer
Melaleuca styphelioides    Prickly-leaved tea tree
Melia azedarach    White cedar
Pittosporum rhombifolium    White holly
Pittosporum undulatum


The following plants are not recommended to be planted
      within 2 metres of drains and sewerage piplelines

Acacia cultriformis     Knife leaf wattleCallistemoncitrinus.jpg (18899 bytes)
Acacia howittii    Sticky wattle
Acacia iteaphylla     Flinders Range wattle

Acacia longifolia        Sydney golden wattle
Acacia retinodes    Wirilda
Acmena smithii    Lilly pilly
Callistemon citrinus    Crimson bottlebrush
Callistemon 'Harkness'    'Harkness'
Callistemon salignus    Willow bottlebrush
Callistemon viminalis    Weeping bottlebrush
Hakea salicifolia    Willow leafed Hakea
Omalanthus populifolius     Bleeding Heart
Leptospermum laevigatum    Coast tea tree
Melaleuca hypericifolia    Hillock bush
Melaleuca fulgens    Scarlet honey myrtle
Pittosporum phillyreoides    Weeping pittosporum

Callistemon citrinus              

Reference books-
"Grow What Where", Australian Plant Study Group, Published by Nelson.
"Encyclopedia of Australian Plants Suitable for Culitvation", Vol.1, R.Elliot & D.Jones, Lothian.

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Produced by the Australian Plants Society, Central Coast Group in conjunction with
Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council.