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The Coast Walking Track
Crackneck Lookout

Getting there:  Travel north along the Entrance Road past Forresters Beach and onto Bateau Bay.  At the Bateau Bay Rd traffic lights take the right turn into Bateau Bay Rd and after one Km turn right into Rushby Street. There you'll be able to park near a picnic area, Bruce Burgis Park, overlooking Bateau Bay Beach.  Here you could have morning tea before you set off.  It would also be a great spot for some lunch after your walk.
                                                                 See local phone book Map 80.

Description: A sign will indicate the start of the walk where you'll be walking south following the coast line into Wyrrabalong National Park.  Pause for a short photo stop at Crackneck Lookout.  Walk on south to Wyrrabalong Lookout.  Return the same way, but there is always something different to see.

Distance: From car park to Crackneck Lookout is about 1.25km and another 1.75km to Wyrrabalong Lookout.  Length 3km with a total of 6km for the return walk.


Duration: Just walking briskly the walk should take you less than 2 hours.  But this walk has great views of the coast to admire and some interesting and varied flora to photograph and study so you will need to allow at least an extra hour.

Degree of difficulty: This is not a demanding walk and is to be enjoyed.  In fact if you are escorting some elderly friends this walk is most suitable as you could easily just halve the walk by going to Crackneck and back.

Best time: Spring is possibly the best time especially for Flannel Flowers which are spectacular.

Expect to see: Coastal views with quite rocky shoreland all the way to Crackneck Point.  Wild flowers abound with the tallest Flannel Flowers I have ever seen.  Some as tall as 2m!
  Should be called Actinotus gigantus

   Below you will also find Bruces's photographic collection of native flowers which may be seen on this magnificent walk.





Billardiera Scandens var. scandens

Common Name  Apple Berry or Dumplings






Boronia polygalifolia
Common Name
Milkwort Boronia






Caleana major
Common Name  Large Duck Orchid







Cyanicula caerulea
Common Name
Blue Caladenia Orchid







Conospermum ericifolium

Common Names
Cone Seeds or Smoke Bush








Diuris praecox
Common Name:   Donkey Orchid








Diuris sulphurea
Common Name Tiger Orchid







Gompholobium latifolium
Common Name  Broad-leaf Wedge Pea







Eriostemon australasius
ssp. australasius

Common Name  Pink Wax Flower








Pandorea pandorana   spp. pandorana
Common Name  Wonga-Wonga Vine







Ricinocarpos pinifolius

Common Name  Wedding Bush




Dear Bushwalker,
We hope that you have enjoyed these magnificent photos taken by Bruce
a member of the Central Coast Group of the Australian Plants Society.

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Information by Isabel