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Walk No 9

Killcare to the Boulders

Bouddi National Park


Getting There:
Follow Avoca Drive to the roundabout just past the Kincumber Public School, then turn right into Empire Bay Drive. Continue along Empire Bay Drive for about 5kms then turn left into Wards Hill Rd.  Drive up the hill until you reach the T intersection where you turn right into Scenic Rd.  At the next main intersection don't go right and down to Killcare Rd, (shown light green) don't go left down Beach Rd but drive straight ahead a short distance past Grandview Cres. on the left, next is Hawke Head Drive also on the left. This leads into Bouddi National Park. The road is fairly rough, though usually negotiable with care in a sedan so you may prefer to park in Grandview Cres and walk up onto the ridge.

The track follows the top of Bouddi Ridge along the peninsula towards Box Head. On the first part of the trail there are views on both sides. To the right you can see Brisbane Water and to the left the Pacific Ocean. From a low woodland you will pass into an exposed heathland dominated by Allocasuarina distyla. On the left you will see a small carpark from which a narrow track leads to a rocky lookout. This provides a good view of Tallow Beach. The main track continues to a locked gate, where there is room to park. From there you proceed on foot through the gate. A left fork takes you down to Tallow Beach, straight on leads out to the Boulders. The track narrows and becomes rockier, with great views across Broken Bay on your right, and, a little later, equally good ones on your left of Little Tallow Beach and the coastline. When you come out of the woodland onto a big rocky outcrop, you have reached The Boulders. It is possible to continue to Box Head, but the track is sometimes rather overgrown.

From Grandview Cresc to the Boulders, about 4km return. Box Head would add 1km.

Duration:   Allow 2 – 4hrs.

Degree of Difficulty:
Easy.   Medium to easy if you walk from Grandview Cresc. Until you reach the gate, it is a road. The rest is fairly level with a few rocky steps.

Best Time:
Winter to late Spring for the flowers, and any time for the views.

Expect to see:

  • Woodland: Turpentines Syncarpia glomulifera, Eucalyptus gummifera, Eucalyptus umbra

  • Heathland: Snow Wreath Woollsia pungens, Geebung Persoonia laevis, Dampiera stricta, Wedding Bush Ricinocarpos pinifolius
    Coral heath
    Epacris pulchella, Epacris microphylla
    Wax Flower
    Eriostemon buxifolius  Allocasuarina distyla
    Native Iris
    Patersonia glabrata, Spiny Bossiaea Bossiaea scolopendria, Dillwynia floribunda, Mirbelia rubiifolia, Cryptandra amara Myrtle Wattle Acacia myrtifolia,

  • Views: of Brisbane Water including Hardys Bay, the Rip Bridge and Ettalong, Broken Bay across to Pearl Beach, Umina Beach and Lion Island, Tallow Beach, Little Tallow Beach and the coast both north and south.

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Information by Isabel