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Walk No 8

Bombi Moors

Bouddi National Park


Getting There:
Follow Avoca Drive to the roundabout just past the Kincumber Public School, then turn right into Empire Bay Drive, left at the next roundabout then follow The Scenic Drive and continue past the MacMasters Beach turn off. About 1 km further on, turn left into Graham Drive there is a sign for Little Beach. Go to the car park at the end of Graham Drive.  Start this circular walk from the gate at the far end of the car park.  If you are limited for time, go through the main gate and just walk down to Little Beach.

Bombi Moors is a large tract of beautiful sandstone heath. This circular track leads over a series of old sand dunes, up on to Bombi Moors and has side trails leading to the spectacular sandstone cliffs of Cape Three Points named by Captain Cook.  At the T-junction, go left towards Little Beach. Just along here you will see a trail leading to Bombi Point. This is highly recommended. Near the end of this side trail, a little opening on your left takes you out onto the cliff tops –a great place for lunch, whale viewing if the time is right and coastal scenery. Return to the main track and continue across the moors through a scrub of stunted eucalypts, hakeas, banksias and casuarinas with a colourful understorey of wildflowers, descending through woodland and some remnant rainforest to the service road into Little Beach. Go right to Little Beach, a small, picturesque rocky bay, or left back to the car park.

About 3km return including the Bombi Point side trail.

1 hours –2hrs

Degree of Difficulty:
Easy. Though the first part has a series of dips for about 200m and the downhill section at the Little Beach end is very eroded, so not suited to anyone with mobility problems.

Best Time:
Autumn to late Spring for the flowers, and any time for the views.

Expect to see:

  • Banksias:  A great display of  Banksia aemula, Banksia serrata and
    Banksia ericifolia
    in autumn and winter.
  • Heathland:
    Snow Wreath
    Woollsia pungens with colours ranging from white to almost red
    Pink Wax Flower
    Eriostemon australasius, Coral heath Epacris pulchella, Grey Grevillea Grevillea buxifolia, Astroloma pinifolium, Allocasuarina distyla, Variable Bossiaea Bossiaea heterophylla, Native Iris
    Patersonia glabrata
    Pea flowers; Aotus ericoides, Spiny Bossiaea Bossiaea scolopendria
    Fork Fern
    Schizea bifida, Myrtle Wattle Acacia myrtifolia
  • Woodland and Forest:
    Prickly Moses
    Acacia ulicifolia
    Coastal Tea-tree
    Leptospermum laevigatum
    Hop Bush
    Dodonea triquetra
    Sydney Blue Gum
    Eucalyptus saligna
    Acmena smithii
    Ceratopetalum apetalum
    Tree Heath Trochocarpa laurina
  • Birds: A lot of Honeyeaters

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Information by Isabel