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Central Coast Bushwalks 

Walk No 7


Maitland Bay Car Park
to Bullimah Lookout
Bouddi National Park

Getting There:
Follow Avoca Drive to the roundabout just past the Kincumber Public School and turn right into Empire Bay Drive. At the next roundabout turn left into The Scenic Road and follow it to the Maitland Bay Car Park and Information Centre; (9.8km from the Avoca Drive / Empire Bay roundabout). The track from here gives access to three beautiful walks – Bullimah Lookout, Maitland Bay and Putty Beach.

From the car park, follow the track down through woodland until you come to a side trail on your right leading to Bullimah Lookout. On the way down go out onto rocky outcrops on your left for spectacular views of Maitland Bay. The Bullimah Track narrows and winds past huge rocks, amazingly gnarled Red Gums (Angophora costata), and eventually to rock shelves with stunning views of the coast.

From the car park to Bullimah Lookout, about 2 km return.

Duration: Allow 1 – 2 hrs.

Degree of Difficulty:
Easy – Wide, shallow steps descend from the car park to the narrower Bullimah Track, which apart from a very short, rocky stretch on Bullimah Spur has very gentle grades.


Maitland Bay Looking

towards Bouddi Point


Best Time:
All year round.

Expect to see:

  • From late summer to early winter, beautiful displays of Crowea saligna growing on the rock outcrops.
  • On the Bullimah Spur, an understory of Maiden Hair Fern Adiantum aethiopicum, Burrawangs Macrozamia communis and Plum Pine Podocarpus spinulosus; huge rocks with interesting plant communities, gnarled Red Gums.

  • Main track: Hairpin Banksia Banksia spinulosa Mar-Sept; Native Potato Gastrodia sesamoides – an interesting orchid with brown and white flowers (Aug – Jan); many other attractive trees and shrubs.
  • Glorious views of Maitland Bay


Banksia spinulosa       

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Information by Isabel