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Central Coast Bushwalks 

Walk No 5

Thommo's Loop

Brisbane Water National Park

Getting There: This circular track is accessed from Woy Woy Rd through a gate about 200m south of Staples Lookout ( a convenient place to park your car).

Description: The track, a fire trail, follows a ridge overlooking the valleys of the Kariong and Myron Brooks. The plant communities change several times as you complete the circle. An interesting add-on is a visit to a very pretty waterfall. You will find the track on your right about 1km along. It is sign-posted as part of the Great North Walk, which joins Thommo’s at this point. Back on the main track, after a short climb on to a rocky outcrop, keep veering around to the left. Do not follow the Great North Walk when it veers off to the right. Continue to a T intersection with the track in from the quarry. Turn left and leave the park via a gate into the quarry . Turn right and walk through the quarry back to Woy Woy Rd, then turn left and proceed back along the road to Staples Lookout.

Distance: About 4km

Duration: 2-3 hours – an extra hour if you decide to visit the waterfall..

Degree of Difficulty: Medium – easy, with a fairly steep climb if you decide to visit the waterfall..

Best Time: June- November for an incredible variety of heath and woodland flowers.

Any time for good views across the Park

Expect to see: Attractive little rock gardens and moss; Grevillea speciosa,

G. buxifolia, G.sericea ; Banksia ericifolia; Persoonia levis, Boronia ledifolia and B, pinnata,, Epacris microphylla and E. pulchella ; Eriostemon buxifolius and E. australasius and so much more…

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Information by Isabel