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Walk No 4

Mt Wondabyne Circuit

Brisbane Waters National Park

Getting There: From the Kariong traffic lights, follow Woy Woy Road for 4.8km to Staples Lookout.(on your left). Continue on for another 1.4km, to a steel gate on your right. A speed camera on a pole is another useful landmark here. There is plenty of room to park . On foot, go through the gate and follow the road into the old quarry for about 750m until you see a left fork which leads to another gate – the entrance to Brisbane Water National Park  (BWNP).

Description: The track circles around the flanks of Mt Wondabyne, the highest and most conspicuous peak in the area. From the BWNP gate, you will come to a ‘crossroad’; go straight ahead, keeping to the left of Mt Wondabyne, as this is the easiest way . The track winds through wood land, climbing steadily for about 1km. Watch for the Great North Walk trail coming in on the right, and turn right on to it to skirt around the mountain. Less than 1km along this trail there is a track on your right which leads to the summit. It is not a long climb and the view from the top is worth the effort. Continue your journey around the mountain – all fairly easy walking until the track begins to descend via rocky steps and outcrops. After it levels out again, it will meet up with a wide fire trail. Turn right onto this and complete your circle at the ‘crossroad’. Turn left and go back to the gate.

Distance: From the gate on Woy Woy Rd, the full circle is approximately 4.5km

Duration: Allow 3 – 4hrs.

Degree of Difficulty:  Medium.   The climb is fairly gentle but the rocky steps could be difficult for anyone with mobility problems.

Best TimeWinter to late Spring for the flowers, and any time for the views.

Expect to see:

  • Koalas in this area but you’d have to be very lucky!
  • A wonderful display of spring flora.Stypheliatubiflora.jpg (19069 bytes)


            Styphelia tubiflora



                                                                               Damp heath: Sprengelia incarnata

Sundews: Drosera peltata and Drosera spathulata Velleia lyrata, Epacris microphylla

  • Heath and Woodland: Acacia oxycedrus,  Dillwynia floribunda and Dillwynia retorta,  Boronia ledifolia,  Banksia ericifolia,   Persoonia isophylla,  Grevillea buxifolia,  Grev. sericea,  Grev. speciosa, Isopogon anemonifolius,  Zieria laevigata.

                                                       Isopogon anemonifolius

If you go to the top you'll be rewarded with views of Brisbane Water and the Hawkesbury hinterland.  Here you will also find an interesting
Chloanthes stoechadis, which has caterpillar-like leaves and long tubular yellowish-green flowers.

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Information by Isabel