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Walk No 3

The Mooney Nature Walk

Girrakool Picnic Area, Brisbane Waters National Park

Getting There: A car is necessary for this oneFrom Kariong, follow the Pacific Highway towards Sydney. Just past the turn off to the Reptile Park, on the left, is the sign to Girrakool.

Description: The Mooney Nature Trail begins near the southern end of the car park. This walk has the advantage of taking walkers from a woodland, to a rainforest gully, to a heath within about 300m.

Distance: The full circuit of 6.5km, follows the deep gorge of Piles Creek.

Duration: About 4 hours is recommended unless you walk the shorter section.

Degree of Difficulty:  Medium
The walk
involves some medium-grade climbing. However, it can be a very much easier, shorter about 2-3km) walk which still provides a wonderful display of local flora, if you turn back when the track across the heath begins to drop sharply from a rock-shelf, down to Piles Creek. (See Map) This way you follow the same track back to the car park (though there is an alternative, interesting loop to the right, just after you re-cross the creek with the stepping posts).

Best Time: June – October
Although this is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year e.g banksias begin flowering in autumn and the beauty of this area has a lot to do with trees, rock formations and stunning views.

Expect to see:

  • Woodland: Graceful Bush Pea Pultenaea flexilis, Boronia pinnata,
                   Broad-leaf Wedge Pea
    Gompholobium latifolium,
                   Broadleaf Grass Tree
    Xanthorrhoea arborea.

  • Rainforest Gully: Black Wattle Callicoma serratifolia,
                           Water Gum
    Tristaniopsis laurina)

  • Heath: Sydney Boronia Boronia ledifolia, Grey Grevillea Grevillea buxifolia,
              Red Grevillea
    Grevillea speciosa,Coral Heath Epacris microphylla,
              Pink Wax Flower
    Eriostemon australasius,
    Styphelia tubiflora, Zieria laevigata
              Mountain Devils
    Lambertia formosa

  • Rock Faces: Dracophyllum secundum,
                     Native Fuchsia
    Epacris longiflora,
                     Pouched Coral Fern
    Gleichenia dicarpa,
                     Skeleton Forked Fern
    Psilotum nudum





Boronia ledifolia

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Information by Isabel