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Walk No 2

Red  Gum,
Burrawang & Lillypilly Loop Trails.

Wyrrabalong (North) National ParkReg Gum Forest.gif (4378 bytes)

Getting There: About 7km north of The Entrance Bridge you will see a small parking area with a large information board. This is the entrance for circuits leading to the rainforest and also to the rim of the main sand dune with viewing platforms across Tuggerah Lake. Circuits are colour-coded.

Description: North Wyrrabalong National Park is a beautiful area of littoral rainforest (i.e. forest growing on coastal dunes), gnarled Sydney red gums, Angophora costata and cycads Macrozamia communis, with an understorey of colourful wild flowers. The best of the littoral rainforest, with its canopy of corkwoods and cabbage tree palms can be seen from the Lillypilly Loop Trail. From July to September, the Red Gum Trail offers a wonderful display of wildflowers.

Distance:The Burrawang Trail is 1.3km and returning via the Red Gum Trail adds another 2.3km. The Lillypilly Loop is 4.6km long.

Duration: Red Gum and Burrawang circuit: 1 to 2 hours.
              Lillypilly Loop: 2 hours return.

Degree of Difficulty:  Easy, though in places, soft sand can be tiring on the uphill sides of the dunes. On the Lillypilly Loop, some of it has been made easier with a boardwalk.

Best Time: July - October for an incredible variety of flowers, summer for the new bark on the magnificent red gums, or any time for the littoral rainforest, the views and this whole unique sand peninsula.

Expect to see:

  • Burrawang and Red Gum Loops:
    Flannel Flowers Actinotus helianthi
    ndigofera australis,
    Parrot Pea   Dillwynia floribunda
    Native Holly
    Oxylobium ilicifolium
    Correa reflexa

    Comesperma ericinum
    Rice Flower Pimelia linifolia
    Wedding Bush Ricinocarpos pinifolius.

     Flannel Flowers

  • Climbers:                                                                Actinotus helianthi
       Old Man’s Beard Clematis aristata
       Dusky Coral Pea
    Kennedia rubicundaKennediarubicunda.jpg (21300 bytes)
                      Hardenbergia violacea
       Love Creeper    Glycine clandestina
  • Orchids:
       White Fingers Caladenia catenata
       Wax Lip Orchid Glossodia minor
  • Forest:
       Old Man Banksia Banksia serrata
       Corkwood Endiandra sieberi
       Cabbage-tree Palm Livistona australis
       Magenta Lillypilly
    Syzygium paniculatum
  • Views:
    The mountains, Tuggerah Lake and over the  wetlands.                             Kennedia rubicunda






Caladenia quadrifaria






Caleana minor

Small Duck Orchid













Corybas fimbriata

Fringed Helmet Orchid













Daniella caerulea var. producta

Blue Flax Lily








Dillwynia glaberrima

Small Parrot Pea













Dillwynia retorta ssp. retorta

Smooth Parrot Pea









Hardenbergia violacea

False Sarsaparilla









Hibbertia linearis

Showy Guinea Flower










Hibbertia obtusifolia

Grey Guinea Flower








Poranthera microphylla

Small Poranthera












Pterostylis curta

Blunt Greenhood Orchid








Pterostylis nutans

Nodding Greenhood Orchid







Tricoryne elatior

Yellow Rush Lily



Dear Bushwalker,
We hope that you have enjoyed these magnificent photos taken by Bruce
a member of the Central Coast Group of the Australian Plants Society.


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Information by Isabel