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            2001 trial of   "Longstem Planting" experiment.   Site 9

First Long Stem Tube Stock Experiment
Using  Rainforest Species.

The group used plants that had been collected from pathways in the rainforest. These would normally not survive and were a good source of regeneration plants in our worksites.

Seedlings are collected, potted up and cared for by members until ready for replanting.

Following discussion with Bill Hicks, the creator of Long Stem Tube Stock it was decided to try planting our normal tube stock deeper than normal and see what happens.

In November 1999 30 tube stock were planted about 15cm deeper than usual and each given one bucket of water. The summer was hot and dry. On returning to the site in March we were amazed to find that the plants had survive the summer without losses and some had doubled in size. Now three and a half years later some are 3 metres tall.


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