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  3. Bushcare Work Plan & Sites                   Site Map:Area Site Map.gif (5053 bytes)



Site 1 is beside track from the lower car park.  Mature eucalypts provide shade and shelter to the seedlings in Area 1 2002.jpg (31461 bytes)the undergrowth. This area was weeded to encourage native vegetation.  Logs were placed on the ground to form a raft to keep the  weeds from rooting on the wet soil.   The dead weeds were then broken up and used for mulch.


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Area 2 2003.jpg (52551 bytes)


Site 2 Adjacent to site 1 - is mostly covered by blady grass (Imperata cylindrica var major) and whisky grass.  The shadows from the rainforest trees are allowing the blady grass to overtake the whisky grass.   Seedlings were planted in this area on World Tree Day 2003.




Site 3 Soil was taken from here to form Seymour Pond and this area lacks good top soil.

Area 3 1998.jpg (54273 bytes)Area 3 98 II.jpg (68415 bytes)


Regeneration is slow.


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Site 4    Lantana and tobacco bush were the dominant weeds here.  The area has a light canopy of ageing Acacias which are startingPalmgrass.jpg (45534 bytes) toPalm grass dead.jpg (58732 bytes) blow down in the high winds.   A good native grass cover protects the many regenerating seedlings.

A large patch of palm grass needed to be poisoned, with good result.

Site 4 Healthy Palm Grass

                        Site 4   Dead Palm Grass 


Area 4 1999.jpg (55503 bytes)Photo14.gif (29278 bytes)



 Area 4 1999    One year later  

 Area 4  in 2003




Site 5   is a sheltered gully providing protection for nesting birds.  Some weeding was necessary and natural seedlings progressed well.Area 5 1998.jpg (62408 bytes)  However, recent storms have blown down several large trees thatArea 5 2001.jpg (56279 bytes) has opened the canopy.


 Site 5 1998 


Site 5 2001

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Site 6   is the narrow strip between the track and Seymour Pond.  Natural regrowth is healthy so the area now needs only occasional weeding.Area 6 2003.jpg (56131 bytes)


 Site 6 2003






Site 7   is between sites 3 and 5 on a steep slope. Mature trees provide protection for the natural regeneration. As a result there are very fewArea 7 2003.jpg (54556 bytes) weeds.

  Site 7 2003



Site 8   Site of the Long-stem Planting Trials See full site reports.

Site 9   Site of the Long-stem Planting Trials See full site reports.

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Site 10  is adjacent to the picnic area at the head of Seymour Pond and has needed only occasional weeding.


SeymourPond.jpg (7826 bytes) 

 Site 10   Reflection on Seymour Pond

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