Central Coast Australian Plants Society
District Group


       An active group on the NSW Central Coast, we host:




  • Monthly Meetings
  • Guest Speakers
  •   Propagation Days
  •   Plant Identification
  •   Library
  •   Bush Strolls
  •  Garden visits & Bus trips
  • Monthly Newsletters



The official aims of the Australian Plants Society are:

  * To foster and promote appreciation, study and participation in growing and propagating Australian native plants
* By lawful means, foster, support and promote the preservation and conservation of Australian native plants
* To encourage the use of Australian native plants in home gardens and public places
* To improve native plants as garden subjects
* To interest the nursery industry in propagating & supplying
Australian native plants to the public
* To increase and disseminate general knowledge of Australian plants

The aims are broad and allow us to respond to changing needs and priorities and to encompass all aspects of Australian plants.

To join the society please print, complete and return the form obtained here.