Australian Plants Society CD


Native Plants & Bushwalks

of the NSW Central Coast

The CD has been in the planning and production for 18 months and involved many of our members who shared expertise and love of native plants and computer technology.

The CD is a magnificent resource with which to study and identify native plants.

CD containing approximately 400 photos of flora of the Central Coast of NSW, with descriptions and likely locations.

It has been compiled by the members of the Central Coast Group of the Australian Plants Society.

The CD has 24 bushwalks in National Parks, State Forests and Reserves of the Central Coast region. Each bushwalk has a listing of the plants which  may be found along that walk and in some cases maps are included

         Organisation of CD:   Native plants can be listed in;

  • An index in alphabetical order of species
  • Plants according to colour
  • There are over 400 photos
  • Small thumbnail pictures identify the plant or flower
  • Clicking on the text next to a Picture in the index leads to a medium sized picture/s with much accompanying information.
  • Finally the pictures can be blown out to full screen.
  • There are several bushwalks featured.

Here are some examples from the actual CD:

From this page of the CD you can navigate back to





Home page


You can also view an enlargement of the photos shown.




Similarly here you can navigate back to


Flowers by colours


Home Page

 and view photo enlargements as well










Here is another sample page for

Callicoma serratifolia








This next section lists flowers by colours making for rapid identification.

Of course you can then see
family names, species and genus as well a great deal of information.


When you first open the CD you will find the main files "Central Coast Plants"

Use Internet Explorer to open the Central Coast and Bushwalk files

You also have a PDF format just in case

There are some
 24 Bushwalks in PDF

Finally the author suggests that you should read one of the "Read Me" files.
As t
hey are helpful explanatory files.

  One was saved as a normal Word file (.doc) ) while the other was saved as just text which can read if you don't have Word.  It is in RTF  or 'rich text file'.

Copies of the CD can be obtained from the Central Coast Group of the Australian Plants Society for $15.00 ea. Add $2.50 for Postage.

You can place your order at one of our monthly meetings or you can download and print an order form by clicking here  Order Form

By the way if you don't have PDF Reader you can download it free from

www.download.com/Adobe-Reader/3000-2378_4-10000062.html?cdlPid=10807884 -

Just highlight the above address (in blue) and paste it to your browser's address bar.